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The  Platinum Plus  designation is awarded to an elite group of medical aesthetics practices who are among the top one percent of all Allergan’s injectors in the United States. This includes a very small group out of more than thirty thousand accounts in the United States offering Allergan products.


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PDC Statement On Cosmetic Fillers And Covid-19 Vaccine

There have been isolated reports of facial swelling in areas of previous cosmetic filler injections after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. We reassure you that this reaction is very rare, and treatable. This is NOT a contraindication to receiving the vaccine. All filler patients wanting to receive the vaccine should receive it without hesitation.

We have known for years that certain immune triggers can cause this type of response in cosmetic filler patients, and the Covid-19 vaccine appears to be one of those triggers in a very few number of patients. If you experience any swelling in the area of your filler, please contact our office; the reaction is manageable and treatable.

For patients planning to have fillers done AND receive the vaccine, it is advisable to avoid filler placement immediately before and after their vaccine for at least several days to a week so that normal post-filler swelling is not confused with an immune reaction.

Again, for patients with existing dermal fillers, there is NO known contraindication to receiving the vaccine and patients should proceed as planned and recommended.